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(Statement on Domestic Violence)

About Gary:

At 63 years of age, Gary Direnfeld is a social worker with more than 35 years of experience working with parents, teens and young children. With a  private practice located in Keswick, Ontario, he provides counseling, mediation and assessment services on most matters of family life from the comfort of his home office. People regularly travel from surrounding regions for his special brand of counseling


Courts in Ontario, Canada, consider Gary an expert on child development, parent-child relations, marital and family therapy, custody and access recommendations, social work and an expert for the purpose of giving a critique on a Section 112 (social work) report and an expert for the purpose of providing an opinion on a parenting plan. His opinion helps resolve child custody and access matters.

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Contact Information:


Gary Direnfeld, MSW, RSW

Interaction Consultants

27 Sina St., Keswick,

Ontario L4P 3E9

Tel: (905) 628-4847 

Email: gary@yoursocialworker.com

Please note, people regularly come great distances to see me. If you are considering driving more than two or three hours, please let me know so I can set an appointment to accommodate your drive.




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27 Sina St., Keswick, Ontario L4P3E9   Tel: (905) 628-4847  Email: gary@yoursocialworker.com

Counselling and assessment services serving Hamilton, Dundas, Ancaster, Stoney Creek, Burlington, Brantford,

Oakville, Grimsby, Waterdown and other local areas.