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A strength-guided, goal-oriented approach to the positive growth and 

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Here are links to 275 of my 650 parenting, family life and relationship articles from my column in the Hamilton Spectator.

I hope you find some of service....


1.        Grandpa’s child porn and sex abuse convictions are tearing the family apart

2.        Feeling triggered? Learn to manage your feelings and consider apologizing

3.        When in doubt about intimacy, ask your partner what they want

4.        Lights out means devices off when it comes to teens

5.        Finding the right partner takes time and patience

6.        Those internet trolls are distracting, but resist feeding them

7.        I never liked my ex and now my six-year-old doesn’t either

8.        When you need lawyers but don’t want court

9.        Use ‘we’ instead of ‘you’

10.    With domestic violence, blame is not the answer

11.    No taming a nightmare mom, so set some boundaries

12.    Challenging teen? Engage instead of admonish

13.    Calling him out won’t work if the diagnosis is for dementia

14.    The CAS is not there to fight your battles

15.    Some behaviour is normal even if frustrating

16.    Husband’s sexist jokes are a teaching moment

17.    I want to leave my husband of 17 years

18.    What lies beneath determines misbehaviour

19.    Separated parents and kids at Christmas? Consider the memories in the making

20.    If you’re not seeing the grandkids enough, offer parents some support

21.    How do I support adult sister with anxiety disorder?

22.    We can’t afford a Christmas puppy

23.    Do we need a lawyer to work out a parenting agreement?

24.    At what age can a child be left alone at home?

25.    How do I help my partner deal with chronic depression?

26.    Worried about becoming caregiver for disabled adult brother

27.    ‘Does Daddy love golf more than me?’ 3-year-old asks mom

28.    Mom doesn’t want 20-year-old daughter to leave the nest

29.    Torn between troubled mom and the aunt who raised me

30.    Husband wants to learn to express his feelings

31.    How do we tell our son, 18, he’s on medication for anxiety?

32.    My boy is being bullied at school. What can I do?

33.    Father hoping to rebuild relationship with estranged daughter

34.    Parents worried about future of daughter’s interfaith relationship

35.    Our teen son’s not coping at school — what can we do?

36.    How do I talk to my child about hate groups?

37.    Aging father’s demands putting pressure on adult child

38.    Couple at odds about keeping toddler in their bed

39.    Alcoholic father beat up my abuser and I feel guilty

40.    Vanishing act is not a healthy way to end a relationship

41.    Parents locked in dragged out custody battle

42.    Counselling can help end cycle of abuse that began in childhood

43.    Three types of mediation available for separating spouses

44.    How growing up in violent home can damage relationship with spouse

45.    ‘13 Reasons Why’ opens the door to crucial dialogue with teens

46.    How to tame the chaos with kids at dinnertime

47.    Teen son, girlfriend keep bedroom door closed

48.    How do we explain why we avoid a family member?

49.    Stop bailing out your son in university

50.    The advantages of a mediated custody settlement

51.    My daughter-in-law is not responding to my parenting advice

52.    I have borderline personality disorder. What is it?

53.    My partner has addictions, and I think I should leave him

54.    Is our son’s anxiety diagnosis the correct one?

55.    Why too many choices can be overwhelming for a child

56.    How do I get my angry husband to go to counselling?

57.    Can we sue for access to our grandchildren?

58.    How to deal with kids’ ‘unsafe’ running around at daycare

59.    Rejecting mom’s boyfriend is a no-win situation

60.    Depressed teen girl refusing to attend counseling

61.    Son, 6, gets ‘ramped up’ after visits with dad

62.    Groom-to-be balks at marriage-prep course requirement

63.    Doctor wants to put boy, 7, on ADHD drug

64.    My husband hates my family. How can I get him to go to therapy with me?

65.    Affairs are no way to end a marriage

66.    Son, 17, wants to host New Year’s party on his own

67.    Holiday events put adult children under pressure to ‘choose Mom’

68.    Wife’s focus is on her end-of-day glass of wine

69.    Daughter, 3, picking up on separated parents’ stress

70.    Should we fight for our son to be able to stay in school?

71.    Granddaughter, 4, says she is fearful of staying with mother

72.    My ex is controlling and difficult to talk to. What can I do?

73.    Husband is perfect in public, a narcissist in private

74.    How can husband help wife who was molested as a child?

75.    How do I get my teen to talk about what’s troubling her?

76.    Two former wives left abusive husband, third thinking of leaving too

77.    Trio of parents blaming one another for boy’s bad behaviour

78.    Co-worker ‘goes ballistic’ when he doesn’t get his way

79.    We are in counselling, but I don’t love my husband anymore

80.    Think twice about wading into partner’s fight with ex

81.    How do I know if my therapy is working?

82.    Boy, 13, not happy to be placed with grandparent

83.    Spare the rod and spoil the child? There are better ways

84.    Some children are forced to parent their parents

85.    Mom is jealous that daughter is caring for grandmother

86.    Smart for parents to stay connected to teen’s smartphone use

87.    Six-year old who won’t listen needs your love

88.   Direnfeld to host parenting workshop at Millgrove Public School April 26

89.   Direnfeld to host parenting workshop at Millgrove Public School April 26

90.   When Christmas is a traumatic memory

91.    Attention deficit may be just difference in twins’ behaviour

92.    Lawyer will set the tone for divorce discussions

93.    Pot user will have challenges succeeding in school

94.   HALTING CHEMO: A child’s life in the balance

95.    Curiosity about their bodies is natural for young children

96.    Court order may backfire in mending relationship with kids

97.    Let quiet child find his voice in his own time

98.    7 steps to good relations with your son

99.    Social work is not for the faint of heart

100.                        Being a single mom can be a lonely job

101.                        Social workers are held to a level of accountability

102.                        Take a supportive tack with sister first

103.                        Building bridges between families helps child in the middle

104.                        Fiancé must confront, manage disingenuous family

105.                        Why is bedtime becoming a nightmare?

106.                       Too spoiled to be responsible?

107.                        Spare your child the nightmare of family strife at Christmas

108.                        There is no justification for back-seat parenting

109.                       COLUMNS Dec 05, 2013

110.                        Our son won’t get school work done

111.                        Allow your son and yourselves to mourn

112.                        11-year-old boy shares mom’s bed

113.                       Signpost: Parenting through middle school

114.                        There are two definitions of an alcoholic

115.                        Work on creating a nice memory for your child

116.                        Active teens are less likely to engage in alcohol use

117.                        Student should talk to those working in her chosen field

118.                        Place no blame when telling kids of parents’ split

119.                        A good caregiver guards a client’s personal dignity

120.                        Her intensity makes him run

121.                        Online tools offer extra help for math

122.                        Tread softly in talking about grandson’s behaviour

123.                        Reinforce son’s success when he meets school goals

124.                        Too many gifts spoil the child

125.                        Take the BIFF approach to dealing with difficult people

126.                        Get help to cope with husband’s drinking

127.                        Plan to combat kids’ summertime boredom

128.                        Be realistic in the face of difficult family dynamics

129.                        Time to get your financial house in order

130.                        Grandma’s generosity may harm kids’ money sense

131.                        Week-long separation from a parent too long for small children

132.                       Direnfeld | Redirection: It works with teens as well as toddlers

133.                       To the rescue in marital conflict

134.                        A mediator can help with co-parenting issues

135.                        Let kids tell you their fears about life

136.                       FAMILY Jun 03, 2013

137.                        Let this be a summer of new experiences

138.                        Some contact from dad is better than none

139.                       Adult children putting their parents at financial risk

140.                       Bright son’s behaviour points to OCD or Pica

141.                       Westdale students are on a mission to end bullying, teen suicide

142.                       Discover the 10 deadly sins in a failing relationship

143.                       Discover the 10 deadly sins in a failing relationship

144.                       PARENTING: Public shaming goes beyond the here and now

145.                       How do we keep our family safe?

146.                       Parents told to be involved with kids to curtail binge drinking

147.                       Teens are naturally prone to risk-taking

148.                       Hamilton Spectator  0 Comments

149.                       Direnfeld column said the right things

150.                       I commend Gary Direnfeld for his Jan. 9 column on breastfeeding

151.                       Bullied students need to know there are options

152.                       Call police over son’s drug use

153.                       Son will suffer from affections to mother

154.                       At times like this, it’s wonderful to be a parent

155.                       Rite of passage needs proper preparation

156.                       We want harmony without harm

157.                       Panel discussion focuses on hearing issues

158.                       Non-profit organization helps Hamiltonians cope with hearing loss

159.                       Secular spanking

160.                       To spank or not to spank is the question

161.                       Shy child may benefit from assessment

162.                       Family member ruins every get-together

163.                       Mom told baby will have Down syndrome

164.                       Mom may be reinforcing unwanted behaviour

165.                       Abusive home is no place to raise daughter

166.                       Don't let your kids take sips of beer

167.                       Remembering family traditions important

168.                       Don't let fear stop you from breastfeeding

169.                       Stepdad is the problem -- not his mother

170.                       Setting limits shows teen you love her

171.                       Tell ex to stop sharing beer with your son

172.                       Anger won't help with son's request

173.                       Mature parents the best therapy for son

174.                       Why would a child say her dad is dead?

175.                       Having fun or teaching bad behaviour?

176.                       Separate your love and anger

177.                       Predators use web-page info to target kids

178.                       Different parenting styles are OK after a separation

179.                       Nude photo request alarming online threat

180.                       Kids need time to get used to overnight visits

181.                       The kids need time to adjust

182.                       Involve CAS in emotional abuse of girl

183.                       Toddlers' tantrums deserve time outs

184.                       Separating parents must think of kids

185.                       Mom wishes there were fewer gifts

186.                       Nap may be all boy needs

187.                       Not too early to settle summer visitation

188.                       Young kids are naturally curious about bodies

189.                       Hitting is no way to correct aggression

190.                       Daughter who lies and steals needs firm limits

191.                       This stressed child and parents must talk

192.                       Even a little alcohol can affect loved one

193.                       Golfer son must learn some respect

194.                       How to give your child healthy self-esteem

195.                       Learning to use potty a struggle

196.                       Second assessment not advised

197.                       Teen fears she's losing connection with Dad

198.                       Refusing the potty

199.                       Simple terms are best when telling kids mom has cancer

200.                       If 'no' doesn't work, try redirection instead

201.                       Separation is sharing

202.                       Pool safety should be a top priority

203.                       Don't be a hostage to a teen

204.                       When it's wise to call a professional

205.                       'Take as prescribed' important for teens

206.                       Antidepressants may help teenage daughter

207.                       Take your teen's threats seriously

208.                       Teens risk their safety as bad guys eye iPods

209.                       Grounding teen boy leads to more grief

210.                       Boy, 13, grieving for his brother

211.                       Video game addiction not mere child's play

212.                       'Socially amputated' girl needs connection

213.                       Despairing girl, nine, wants to shave her legs

214.                       Don't tell your teen you once smoked pot

215.                       Tantrums not just a child's problem

216.                       Boy, 9, hits sour note after month on the sax

217.                       Son needs limits to Net gaming

218.                       Four-year-old's soother holds a lot of power

219.                       Our daughter's evasive -- is it normal for teens to keep secrets?

220.                       Negotiation better way to resolve conflict

221.                       Child upset over change of schools

222.                       Young son's best friend is moving

223.                       Don't order out, let the kids cook

224.                       Freedom from diaper a good training reward

225.                       Boy, 10, should be kept active during summer

226.                       Walking the walk will influence kids

227.                       Teens and cellphones pose new set of risks

228.                       Be balanced in your style of parenting

229.                       A gay child needs support

230.                       Help child deal with baby

231.                       Spec forum offers tips on healthy eating

232.                       Wary of long-distance calls

233.                       No strict rules about weaning

234.                       Stepdaughter wants to see us apart: dad

235.                       On blended families

236.                       The Way We Eat Makeover

237.                       Whining for snacks has parent fed up

238.                       Three reasons why his son may be timid

239.                       Is your teen ready for the car?

240.                       Son's problem needs answer, not arguments

241.                       'I don't love you' is child's tactic

242.                       It's 6:21 a.m. F-Day. Do you know where your children are?

243.                       Solve custody issues with care

244.                       Redirect toddlers' play away from guns

245.                       Talk of suicide demands immediate action

246.                       Be reasonable, not physical

247.                       Santa can be scary for some children

248.                       Divorced parents: don't fight over Xmas

249.                       Daughter is bullied at school

250.                       Catch your child being good

251.                       Parents' roles differ in blended families

252.                       Bad behaviour in sports may be ADHD

253.                       There's no 'normal' for child's playtime

254.                       Child suffers in parents' prickly conflicts

255.                       Protect child from abusive grandparents

256.                       Teen drinking is a concern

257.                       Teen needs united parents

258.                       How Do I Find Out if My Child Has Learning Disabilities?

259.                       Learning to leave home

260.                       Tragedies show value of social investment

261.                       Parents must unite to solve school issues

262.                       Assertiveness in action

263.                       Spoiled child showing behaviour problems

264.                       Toilet training can be a challenge

265.                       'Making strange' is quite normal

266.                       Expanding awareness makes house seem scary

267.                       Liar, liar!

268.                       Taking the big leap into kindergarten

269.                       What could be wrong with my moody child?

270.                        If your child smoked pot, wouldn't you want to be told?

271.                       Contrary child is seeking more autonomy

272.                       There's no teaching in spanking

273.                       What is the 'right' number of kids?

274.                       LIVING May 07, 2007

275.                       Collaborative family law eases the tension

276.                       Hamilton Spectator  0 Comments

277.                       Splish-splash, dad's in the bath

278.                       Parents are a toddler's entertainment

279.                       'Victory lap' year carries no stigma


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