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A strength-guided, goal-oriented approach to the positive growth and 

development of people and services.



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What do people say about Gary Direnfeld...


Counseling Evaluations


Workshop Evaluations



How do clients rate Gary’s counseling?… 


1 = poor, 2 = fair, 3 = average, 4 = above average, 5 = excellent





Were you given the opportunity to determine if my credentials and experience were appropriate to your needs.



Were policies regarding confidentiality, consents, payment, etc., well explained?



Did you find it helpful to have a lengthy first meeting?



Was the feedback provided to you at the end of the first meeting helpful?

5 To what degree did you follow the feedback or advice given? 4.33


Did service address the issues for which you sought counseling?



Would you recommend my service to other people or your family doctor?


Overall score 4.55 - Excellent     n=18


Got us through a very tough time.

Very helpful and easy to talk to. You are able t o put a perspective on certain issues which I may have overlooked... Your overall knowledge, experience and pleasant attitude sets you above from the rest.

We are doing exceptionally we.. It's been a monumental change in our relationship and we cannot thank you enough.

Found sessions very helpful. Always came away from sessions seeing that with work, patience and effort on both our parts that our issues were solvable. Excellent accessibility helped during rough spots. Only stumbled upon you through luck. Word should get out that top rate private counseling is available.

Very professional, extremely helpful, assertive and to the point. I have already recommended you to my family doctor. I would recommend your service to anyone in need of counseling.

I was satisfied and have already recommended you to others.

If you were not so arrogant in your approach you would have perhaps been more client centered. I was quite disappointed in our session with you.

It was great to meet with you. We think the counseling sessions were of great benefit. Most important, you gave us some positive tools and approaches to deal with our life issues.

I felt the expense of the service was a barrier. This factor des not diminish the quality of service. That part was excellent.

I have recommended you to my boss and girlfriend. I hope they come and see you.

Thanks for everything! We learned lots from our session and take it one day at a time! I have also recommended you to a co-worker!

Pleasant meeting. Answers to questions provided and proper guidance and insight received. Keep up the good work Gary!

Thanks Gary! Yes, I have already recommended your services! You have been a terrific help to us.

Thank you for all your help Gary. You really helped us understand what was going wrong with our marriage. We're spending more time together and getting along very well. We really appreciate all you have done for us.

We have recommended your services.

We found your service very appropriate for crisis intervention as well as understanding why we created ways to the crisis we were going through. Things not perfect, but much better.

You are very professional, approachable and show genuine interest in helping others.


How do doctor's rate Gary's service:

I surveyed 43 area physicians who have either referred to me in the past or at least whose patients I have seen. Of the 43 surveys sent, 11 were returned for a response rate of 26%. (A typical response rate to a mail-in survey is 2%.)


Please circle the best response



My patients were seen on a very timely basis



Given patient consent, I received a consultation note on a timely basis



The consultation note was thorough and comprehensible



Counselling was appropriate to the issues at hand



Patient comments about their counselling experience was favourable



Counselling addressed the presenting problem, outcome was favourable



I would refer patients on the basis of prior experience




How do lawyer's rate Gary's services:

I surveyed 56 lawyers where I have been active on their file. Of the 56 surveys sent, 9 were returned for a response rate of 16%. (A typical response rate to a mail-in survey is 2%.)


Please circle the best response

True       False

Service was provided on a timely basis.


Reports were provided on a timely basis.


Reports were thorough and comprehensible.


I would refer clients on the basis of prior experience.


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Letter and feedback from March 2005 workshop - from teachers, clinical staff parents and 


Feedback from Family Law Seminar - April 2005 - from lawyers, legal assistants and law clerks


What do participants have to say about Gary’s workshops?…   

Insurance Brokers attending seminars regarding teen safe driving and risk reduction:


Yes No

1. Did the instructor demonstrate a strong understanding of the subject?



2. Is the seminar content/material of relevance to attendees?



3. Did the instructor effectively present the seminar material?



4. Did the seminar meet your expectations?





Additional comments:

Good information and insight!

Terrific speaker!

Very informative.

Very convincing and jabs at the conscience.

Great speaker, very knowledgeable – learned a lot I didn’t know about.

Wonderful. In fact, it wasn’t what I expected.

Interesting and informative.

Excellent presentation.

Great to present hands-on experience.

Well presented.


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Little Egypt of Illinois - AEYC  

Ninth Annual Early Childhood Conference - April 26, 2003

 " Raising Kids Without Raising Cane”  


Attended by Early Childhood Educators:

  Poor Fair Satisfactory Good Excellent
Length and format of the session     3 2 13
Presenter's instructional style       1 16
Presenter's knowledge of the topic         17
Overall usefulness of the information       1 16


The most important thing I learned during this session was.....

- Reinforce behavior wanted (feed the behavior you want to strengthen)

- give choices - set up for success

- To use Positive feedback when you are Praising Children

- Is to feed the right dog!

- About the difference in giving feedback vs praise

- WOW!

- Raising kids without raising cane

- Stack the deck in favor of winning

- Feed the right dog.

- tell a child what you want don't back down or use alternatives

- Thanks for the simple techniques

- The part about telling children what they are doing right sounds like good information.


Anything else you would like to tell us?

- Great presenter and session

- Mr. Direnfeld was wonderful to listen to!

- Have him to come and do a workshop for Head Start

- This would be a good workshop for Southern Seven Head Start.

- He was really helpful and I enjoyed this and learned a lot.

- Loved it

- Great Session.

- I enjoyed this session, issues discussed helps in classroom



Assessing and Managing School-Aged Children's Behaviour

Sibling Issues When One Has Special Needs

Domestic Violence and Impact on Children

Domestic Violence and Impact on Children

Working with difficult people

Letter and feedback from March 2005 workshop

Feedback from Family Law Seminar - April 2005

Feedback from Big Brothers Big Sisters Annual Convention, June 2005

Children and Divorce: The Role of the ECE

Kids in Distress and Helping Them Cope


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