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A strength-guided, goal-oriented approach to the positive growth and 

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Workshops / Public Speaking


Public speaking, conference and workshop presentations have taken me across North America.


Below are some of the many titles of workshops I have provided. 


Fees and expenses for public speaking are determined on a case by case basis. Please call to discuss: (905) 628-4847


The following links will provide a flavour of the feedback I have received...


How do attendees rate Gary's workshops...

Feedback - Managing the Unmanageable

Feedback - Domestic Violence Training Workshop

Letter and feedback from  workshop

Feedback from Family Law Seminar 

Feedback from Big Brothers Big Sisters Annual Convention

Children and Divorce: The Role of the ECE

Kids In Distress and Helping Them Cope


Looking for help with your presentations? Check out mine and use what you like...

PowerPoint Presentations


Listen in...  

Assessing and Managing School-Aged Child Behaviour Problems

A small group workshop with Gary Direnfeld, MSW, RSW


Thinking Outside the Box

Keynote presentation, Community Supervision Symposium, Ministry of Children and Youth Services, Youth Justice Services, Province of Ontario


Picture show from my presentation in Newfoundland


Recent presentations:


  • Training in Screening for Domestic Violence and Power Imbalances

  • Effects on Children of Witnessing Domestic Violence Presented in NFLD, ON and BC

  • Children and Divorce and the Role of the ECE

  • Helping clients in high conflict child custody and access cases, Torkin Manes Cohen Arbus LLP, Toronto, Ontario  

  • 13th Annual Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault Conference Enhancing Victim and Child Safety

    Bismarck, North Dakota

    • Domestic Violence and Its Implications for Children as Direct and Indirect Victims

    • Developmental Issues and Treatment Recommendations for Children Who Witness Violence

    • Witnessing Domestic Violence as a Child Protection issue. What's Going On In Other Jurisdictions

    • Domestic Violence and Risk to Workers

  • The life of a child of separated parents... Helping them cope., YWCA, Burlington, Ontario

  • Childhood and Adolescent Anxiety and Depression: What's Influencing our Youth Today?, Federation’s Alliance for Jewish Education, Detroit Michigan

  • Discussing Child Custody And Access Issues, YWCA – Hamilton, Ontario

  • Parenting Plans: A Blueprint for Successful Co-parenting, Hamilton

  • Child Behaviour and Special Issues, Joy of Childhood Conference, York Region


In addition to presentations, I appear from time to time as a "talking head" on Canadian television news and discussion shows. Almost monthly I am a guest on a radio show somewhere within North America. After a one-hour radio show with Marcy Smothers in Sonoma Valley, California, she sent my wife and I tickets to see her husband's show at the Fallsview Casino in Niagara Falls: The Smothers' Brothers.  Now that was a real hoot!



Previous workshops/conferences/public speaking/teaching...


"All In The Family" (The secret of sexual abuse) / Clinical Teaching Conference / Thistletown Regional Centre

Speaker - Panelist / "Sexual Abuse: Assessment and Treatment" / Sexual Abuse Conference / Toronto, Ontario

"Family Therapy? Yes, But What Type?" / Ontario Psychiatric Conference / Co-presented with Dr. Jalal Shamsie / Toronto, Ontario

"Myths and Biases In Family Therapy (Feminist Perspectives)" / Family Therapy Forum / Thistletown Regional Centre

Co-supervised family therapy training of Residents in Psychiatry / Thistletown Regional Centre

"Is The Progress For Real?" – Assessing response to treatment of adult offenders / Clinical Teaching Conference / Thistletown Regional Centre

Myths and Biases In Family Therapy / Hamilton

Managing The Treatment Process With Adult Survivors Of Sexual Abuse / Family Practice Rounds / Chedoke-McMaster Hospitals

Managing Difficult Behaviour / workshop for Foster Parents / The California Department of Public Social Services, Riverside and Rancho Mirage, Ca. (Understanding children’s issues arising from abuse for children living in Foster Care settings.)

"The Politics Of Cooperation: Moving A Monster" / Clinical Teaching Conference / Thistletown Regional Centre

The Surprise Package in Foster Care / workshop for Foster Parents / The California Department of Public Social Services, Riverside and Rancho Mirage, Ca.

Consultation and Staff Development / Behaviour Management, Aggression Management / part time, private practice

"Transitioning From Secure To Open Settings: The Politics Of Cooperation" (working with violent youth) / Critical Risk - Quality Care: Adolescence In Secure Settings / International Conference / Toronto, Ontario

Speaker - Panelist / Management Of Suicidal Behaviour In Adolescence / Conference / Toronto, Ontario

"Adolescence In Context" / Youth Pressures Of The Nineties / Prevention Network Of Hamilton Wentworth

Managing The Unmanageable: A process for dealing with problematic behaviour in the elementary school setting / Brant County Separate School Board

Working With Teens / Train The Trainers / WOW / Hamilton

"Collaborative Services" / conference / Towards 2001 - Refining Our Resources / The Canadian Council and the Ontario Federation of Chapters of The Council For Exceptional Children

The Whole Enchilada, Uniqueness vs. Sameness Underlying Program Development / Closing Keynote Speaker / Early Childhood Resource Network of Ontario, Provincial Conference  

"Collaborative Services" / conference / Lifetime Learning / Ontario Association Of Professional Social Workers / Ottawa, Ontario

Clinical Case Management Seminar / Social Work Students / Thistletown Regional Centre

Working In Teams...or Why Professionals Don't Get Along / Hamilton

An Introduction To The Fundamentals Of Case Management / Co-sponsored with the Ontario Head Injury Association

Treading On Sacred Ground - Family Issues for In-Home Rehabilitation / guest speaker / Para-Med

Closing Disability Claims – Understanding the role of rehabilitation / workshop co-sponsored with Ontario Insurance Institute / People in Motion Exhibition

Riding The Edge Of Catastrophe / workshop co-sponsored with Ontario Insurance Institute / People in Motion Exhibition

Clinical Realities: Understanding the Impact of trauma on Families and Rehabilitation Needs / 1996 Annual New Beginnings Conference - Halifax / national brain injury conference

Right Time, Right Place, Right Intervention / Community NeuroCare / Clinical presentation

Family Issues From The Rehabilitation Perspective / Ontario Brain Injury Association - Educational Seminar

Understanding Mild Traumatic Brain Injury and Rehabilitation Needs / Insurance Institute of Ontario / sole presenter / Toronto seminar

Rehabilitation: Insurer Issues / guest speaker / Ontario Brain Injury Association / speaker series

Presented at Medical Rounds in 12 Ontario hospitals/ Mild Traumatic Brain Injury and Rehabilitation Needs

Understanding Comprehensive Assessment and Rehabilitation for Persons With Traumatic Brain Injury / speaker-panelist / Centre for Traumatic Brain Injury Rehabilitation, Toronto Conference

The Quagmire of Receiving Private Rehabilitation Services / Transition Into The Community / National Brain Injury Conference / Canadian Brain Injury Coalition / Calgary Alta.

Family Issues in Rehabilitation  - Intervening family variables including pre-existing issues related to violence, abuse, addictions / speaker / Centre For Traumatic Brain Injury Rehabilitation / Toronto workshop

Risk Management Training for Youth / Long Trail School / Vermont

Driving Through Adolescence / Long Trail School / Vermont 

Guest speaker / Social Implications Of Language Disorders / Neurolinguistics Tutorial / York University

Guest speaker (3 occasions) / Schizophrenia / Abnormal Psychology Class / York University

St. Bernadette’s Day Care / Raising Kids Without Raising Cane

Raising Kids / Southern Illinois Association for the Education of Young Children


Can Kids Be Ripped In Half / Dundas Information Services

Under Four and Underfoot / Peel Children's Centre

Winning in Relationships / Jewish Community Centre of Hamilton Wentworth

"Self-Esteem And The Preschooler" / Schools Expo / Ontario Science Centre / Toronto, Ontario

Developmental Transitions: Growing Up Kids and Letting Go / Hillfield Strathallan College

Relationships / teen workshop / WOW / The John Howard Society

Under Six And Underfoot / workshop / E.C.E. - Halton Branch

Relationships / teen workshop / WOW / YMCA

"Gender, Power and Hang-ups" / Break The Silence / Ancaster High And Vocational School

Adolescence/guest speaker / Max Rotman Humanitarian Youth Awards

Separation and Divorce / young offenders / Newcombe House

Men, Women, and The Nineties / guest panelist / B'Nai Brith

Surviving Your Teens / Westdale High School, Parents Association

Step-parents / high risk teens, inner city school / Hamilton

Adolescence Is Not A Disease / Westdale High School, Parents Association / guest speaker /  Alternatives For Youth / Week Of The Child

Raising Kids Without Raising Cane / Co-sponsored with Ont. Assoc. of E.C.E. - Hamilton Branch / Week Of The Child Event

I Promise Program / Indiana Youth Institute

Social Implications Of Anxiety Disorders / Fear Naught (self help)

Am I My Brother's Keeper?: Sibling Issues / Ontario Society For Autistic Citizens, Hamilton Wentworth Chapter 

Occasional special guest / family and childhood issues / CITY LINE TV / Marilyn Dennis host, CITY TV (5 times)

Special guest / Real Life / Erica Ehm host/The Life Network – (twice)

Pediatric Brain Injury / Lunchtime Live With Debbie Burk / Cablenet Community Channel / Burlington, Ontario

Weekly guest / Social Work expert opinion / News at Noon / CHCH TV, 50 weeks

"Peer Pressure" / Lunchtime Live with Debbie Burke / Cablenet Community Channel / Burlington, Ontario

"Parenting" / Lunchtime Live with Debbie Burke / Cablenet Community Channel / Burlington

Talking With Your Teens / Co-sponsored with CKOC Radio for Week Of The Child

Guest Panelist / Issues In Education (Self-Esteem and students) / TVO live phone-in talk show

Monthly guest on radio phone-in show / CKOC, Ninety Minutes Live with Doug Farraway / (17 shows)

Guest panelist – Birth Order / The Shirley Show / CTV national talk show


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Gary Direnfeld, MSW, RSW



(905) 628-4847


Gary Direnfeld is a child-behaviour expert, a social worker, and the author of Raising Kids Without Raising Cane. Gary not only helps people get along or feel better about themselves, but also enjoys an extensive career in public speaking. He provides insight on issues ranging from child behaviour management and development; to family life; to socially responsible business development. Courts in Ontario, Canada consider Gary an expert on matters pertaining to child development, custody and access, family/marital therapy and social work.


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