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Check out that Counsellor before attending…


People are vulnerable when under duress. They seek counselling to reduce stress and resolve issues associated with troublesome events, conditions or problems. Their turmoil may have emotional, psychological and social consequences.


People generally trust that the counsellor they will be seeing is reputable and appropriately trained. However, this is not always the case and some persons do not receive the counselling they require or worse yet, are harmed by the counselling experience. 


People are advised to check out several counsellor or therapists before choosing one. Like any service, the quality and integrity of the service provider can vary.


Persons seeking counselling are advised to ask at least these 6 questions:


1.      What are your credentials?

2.      What is you training?

3.      How long do you see people?

4.      What is the fee?

5.      Are you registered within your profession?

6.      Has there ever been any complaints, charges or convictions against you?


A reasonable counsellor should not only be able to answer these questions directly, but should actually appreciate them being asked.


Counselling is a good and reasonable approach to dealing with or managing personal, marital, relationship or family problems. Persons seeking counselling should remember though that they can make choices with whom they choose to work and trust.


If you are at all uncomfortable or feel something is odd, wrong or bad you are well advised to discontinue and discuss your experience with at least your physician or whoever referred you.


Outright abusive, violent or sexual behaviour should be reported to the police and the licensing body that oversees the counsellor.


Considering counselling? Choose wisely and use the service to better your situation. While most people tend to keep the fact that they have attended counselling private, many have benefited from the experience having resolved troublesome issues that were interrupting their lives.


Good and appropriate counselling can help.


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