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Gary Direnfeld, MSW, RSW - Your Social Worker: 


Gary is an internationally known social worker and speaker.


Ask Gary what he likes doing best and he'll tell you helping people sort out personal problems. 

People regularly travel great distances for his refreshingly frank approach, remarkable insight and wisdom. He works with people from all walks of life, cultures and ethnicities. His breadth of service ranges from helping parents manage the behaviour of children to facilitating relationships of all kinds to sorting out the care of children between separated parents to helping adults extricate themselves from abusive relationships to coping with cyber-bullying and so on. 

Here is what other's have said about him: 

"Gary actually asks questions, lot's of questions, more than any other therapist I saw before 

and then he gives you feedback on what he learns about you. In one session, I learned 

more with him than in years of therapy with anyone else."


"I love all of Gary Direnfelds work. In my opinion in today's changing world we need a life coach to help us understand these changes. I am proud to say Gary is my life coach and I am learning so much. As a very strong minded woman it takes a lot to admit he gets it. I would recommend Gary in any situation concerning family work situations ..basically real life. You will be rewarded with feeling you are being helped to be the best person you can be. Being happy with who you are is the best gift you can give yourself. ..thank you for helping me see there is a different way instead of having tunnel vision."


"I just wanted to express to new people who are thinking of using your services… Gary is truly a gift from God as it relates to understanding complex relationships , being able teach people why relationships are where there at & provide healthy sustainable outcomes if participatants truly wish to work at positive long term outcomes."

"Gary has passion for life and cares deeply and that deep caring attitude resonates in everyone of our sessions when we dealt with our children’s issues, my wife’s parental geriatric issues and our committed relationship… The sessions seem very quick but you will always leave knowing Gary’s position. He is 100% honest and does not sugar coat. I feel if you want to truly be a better person with the intent to grow spiritually with depth and accountability in the sense of understanding who you are, why your at a certain point in your life and you want to move forward positively in your life….. Meet Gary."


"My husband and I met with you last year and I wanted to send you a note just thanking you for that three hour session. You helped me tremendously and I wanted to follow up and thank you for the experience of seeing how truly blessed we are and helping me to understand myself and our relationship more clearly."


"Gary's highly engaging and intelligent articles, blogs, commentaries, radio and television interviews set him apart as a real game-changer in a field that is definitely not for the faint of heart. His body of work reflects the kind of empathy and insight that is so needed to support and assist children and families struggling with major life transitions and challenges. Gary really gets it!"


"Gary is a prolific writer and is able to get to the heart of many hard to deal with issues. He writes about difficult and complicated issues and get to the heart of the matter, simplifying and clarifying the underlying point. He is a beacon of light and understanding in the very tough arena of family law and the problems it presents for families, children and parents."


"I am pleased to recommend Gary Direnfeld as a highly competent and knowledgeable Social Worker, particularly in the areas of child custody and access assessments, parenting support, and contributions to our profession. As a professional colleague I have both trained and consulted with Gary over the years and have routinely found him to be up to date in all key areas, excellent at articulating his views and the reasons for them, and committed to the overall best interests of families. I have never hesitated in putting Gary's name forward to clients as a referral option when the need arises." 


Thank you for the session. You synthesized information so quickly and put so many things into perspective. I am feeling much more at peace than I have ever felt. You clarified for me the "why's" and consequences of my experiences and also nudged me forward with strategies and language that can move relationships forward with our children.


Just an update regarding the transition of my 4 year old granddaughter and her mother. I did take your advice and gradually reintroduced her mother. It has worked out much better then expected. My granddaughter now asks for her mother more then me, and they spend time alone playing without my husband and I. My granddaughter still wants me around, but has accepted that I do have things to do and that she can rely on her mother. Thank you once again for your advice.


When I split with my husband we came to see you. I had had an affair and was in the wrong. Somehow you convinced him to let it go and to this day we have a completely cordial relationship almost bordering on friendship. So important for our son. Thank you Gary.


I was so fortunate my ex was willing to see the situation for what it was. You helped us with that. Thank you. We saw you for couples counselling as well but we were not meant for each other. We both have the utmost respect for you.


Gary Direnfeld, was my previous Manager when I was employed at the Centre for Traumatic Brain Injury Rehabilitation 20 years ago (20 years Gary?! WOW!). He is a thoughtful, wise and compassionate Social Worker... and IMO an all around good guy! Gary shares advice regarding relationships, be it with parents, children, spouse, family in general and friends. His knowledge, care and support cover a variety of interpersonal relationships, some extremely serious. Gary also shares his insight in regards to current local and world events. I respect him greatly... and I consider him my friend. If interested, I highly recommend that you take a moment and have a peek at his page... and do 'Like' it as well! Gary is very responsive when it comes to messages he receives and/or comments posted on his page... he's just respectful that way... yet another reason I am fond of him! Thank you Gary... for all you do... and for being.. you!


You truly have such great talent. We saw you a couple of months ago regarding issues with our son. Your advice has made such a big difference in how we interact with him, our other children and each other . We are forever thankful grateful for your ongoing support though personal appointments, your column and your ongoing posts. Thank you for helping us to be the best parents we can be! .


At the risk of sounding overly dramatic, I wanted to share that our experiences in your workshops learning this exact advice has changed our lives.
Myself and my husband cannot express how grateful we are for these tips as well as the ongoing articles reminding us to have perspective and focus on the aspects of parenting that we can control. Thank you, Gary


Hello! I was at the MIP this evening at the court house and I enjoyed listening to you speak! I've been following your page for the last year and it's really helped. Just wanted to thank you for that.


Thank you so much for seeing me and my husband. We both got a lot out of our time with you and took your feedback to heart. As you had suggested, my husband followed up with his doctor about his anxiety and has been taking medication for the past few weeks. It has made a huge difference in terms of reducing his feelings of being overwhelmed. He's feeling a lot better now, and combined with my efforts to chill out, be flexible, and accept the normal chaos of our lives (again, as you had suggested), we're doing much better. Your feedback that we are lovely people with a great family and a lot of strengths in our relationship was tremendously reassuring to hear. It's been helping me to cope on days when the kids (and I) are tired, cranky, under the weather, or just feeling whiny and miserable. I remind myself that life is messy and mine is ultimately pretty awesome, so take a deep breath and lighten up! Many thanks. I really appreciate what you have done for us.


Thank you so much, Gary for you wisdom, expertise, and care in helping us find a way forward in the midst of such an emotional and difficult life experience. You were a pleasure to work with and I really can't thank you enough how you helped.

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