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Even Counselors have to Survive Persons with Narcissistic Personality Disorder


Supervision/Support for Clinicians

Flying solo can leave the clinician feeling alone and vulnerable.

Support/supervision can help the clinician resolve practice issues to better serve their clients. Through the support/supervision process, clinicians can learn a thing or two about themselves, even though this is not a clinical service directed to the clinician. Further, the clinician can advance their practice knowledge and skills to better serve their clients.

Support/supervision can be provided in a group process or individually.

Please note, responsibility for clients always rests directly with the clinician, despite any comments, suggestions, information or guidance provided.  

The fee for this service is determined on an individual or group basis.




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Gary Direnfeld is a child-behaviour expert, a social worker, and the author of Raising Kids Without Raising Cane. Gary not only helps people get along or feel better about themselves, but also enjoys an extensive career in public speaking. He provides insight on issues ranging from child behaviour management and development; to family life; to socially responsible business development. Courts in Ontario, Canada consider Gary an expert on matters pertaining to child development, custody and access, family/marital therapy and social work.


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