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Have Your Son Assessed 




Our son is in grade two and he is struggling at school. At home he is just a happy boy. He gets along with his younger brother and I am told he plays well with the other kids at school. He certainly doesn't like doing any of his homework and even his teachers have difficulty motivating him to do work there, although he isn't disruptive about it. What could be going on?


It sounds like you are describing a well mannered boy who may have an undetected learning disability or even slight vision or hearing difficulty.

In the presence of any of these kinds of challenges, learning becomes obstructed, painful and even tortuous form the perspective of the child. If any of these issues are at play for your child, he won't be aware of them. To him, the problems are his normal, he just experiences learning as difficult as a result and then naturally seeks to avoid those circumstances.

Have your son's vision and hearing checked. If normal, then have him checked for learning disabilities. Typically assessments for learning disabilities can be provided through the school, but please note, there may be quite a line up of children ahead of your son. Hence and if you can afford it, you may wish to seek a private psycho-educational assessment. Typically these are provided by psychologists at the Ph.D. level or at least under the supervision of a psychologist.

Although by your description, if your son does have a learning disability, it is likely not severe. However, even a mild learning disability can interfere and throw a child off track, so it is important to look into.


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