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Judges comments about Gary Direnfeld, MSW, RSW


As per the Honourable Justice Turnbull of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice: "Mr. Direnfeld has done an exemplary job in preparing his report; Mr. Direnfeld made specific findings which I think are important; ...Mr. Direnfeld recommended in his well written report that the present joint parenting arrangement continue as per the Order of Justice Kent; I find the recommendations made by Mr. Direnfeld to largely be in the best interests of the children."



As per the Honourable A.J. Goodman of the Ontario Superiour Court of Justice (paragraph 119): "Objectivity should not be presumed, even with a court appointed assessor, I accept that Mr. Direnfeld was not influenced by one party or the other and he had considered all of the information provided to him from all sources, including, and more importantly, his own personal observation of Chloe and her parents.   Most significant to this court was most, if not all, of Mr. Direnfeldís observations and conclusions in his report were borne out by the plethora of evidence adduced before me.  I find that Mr. Direnfeldís assessment of both parents was entirely accurate and conformed with my assessment of all of the evidence and my consideration of the partiesí demeanor and testimony.  While I appreciate that demeanor evidence figures into a very small segment of my assessment, it seems to me that Mr. Direnfeld hit the nail on the head when he made all of his astute comments as reflected in his report."  


(Paragraph 165): "In considering the best interests of Chloe, I am satisfied that Mr. Direnfeld, as an independent assessor, was clearly in the best position to make his recommendations.  I have considered Mr. Direnfeldís qualifications, methodology and factual determinations.  In my view, Mr. Direnfeldís review of the facts and information received from various sources have been borne out and confirmed by credible and trustworthy evidence before me.  The foundation for his opinion has been amply established by the testimony of various witnesses including the evidence provided by the applicant and the respondent. As I observed the parties and heard the evidence, I was struck at how astute Mr. Direnfeld was in his assessment of both parents and their interaction with Chloe."



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