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                        Kugle the Wonder Dog!


Kugle is Jewish for a noodle pudding made with brown sugar and cinnamon. It is also the name of our dog!

I had wanted a dog after falling in love with a friend's Schnoodle. My wife however, did not want a dog what-so-ever. Needless-to-say, after much begging and whining on my part, she conceded. The agreement was however, she owned the front half.

After searching the Internet for a good breeder and interviewing the breeder, the breeder turned the interview around and began checking me out. At the end of her assessment of our lifestyle, she advised we didn't want a Schnoodle, we wanted a Cock-a-Poo.

We waited for a litter and she eventually sent us a picture. My wife fell in love from that moment and decided we could split the dog lengthwise now. However, there were to be a few rules: no going upstairs; if upstairs, no going on the bed; if on the bed, no sleeping on the bed.

Neither my wife or I had ever owned a dog. We knew nothing of how to train him, so off to doggy school we went, and went again, and went again. In fact, 6 classes over-all (I repeated grade four).

When Kugle was old enough, we applied to the St John Ambulance Therapy Dog Program. We passed their rigorous examination, determining Kugle was of the right temperament; that he was under our behavioral control; and that he showed no aggressive tendencies. We next passed our criminal reference checks and personal reference checks and then we were accepted into the program. Since then we have been going to St. Joseph’s Villa weekly, where Kugle the therapy dog delights the residents with his presence.

Kugle now goes upstairs, gets up on our bed and sleeps the night.

As for the breeder, based on our experience, here is my reference.

Here is Kugle in action as a therapy dog!




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