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CCASSIC Referral, Information and Declaration Form

(Please note, referrals are NOT accepted for this service from persons who are self represented. Parents should not phone directly to refer. The referral for service MUST come from a lawyer.)


Closed Custody/Access Single Session Impartial Consultation  

Separating parents are often fearful of losing a meaningful relationship with their children. They need a way to resolve the care of their children between them. They need to develop a parenting plan. 

 A Parenting Plan is a written agreement between separating or separated parents setting out the rules and structures for the ongoing care of their children. Parenting plans are constructed with sensitivity to the developmental, social and cultural needs of the children and the ability of the parents to meet those needs given respective parental strengths, weaknesses and willingness.

 Challenges to developing a parenting plan can be due to differences of opinion on any number of issues. This can be more challenging by unresolved issues with respect to the separation; different parenting styles and/or competencies; mental health concerns; drug/alcohol abuse; structural issues related to competing schedules and/or residential challenges; and sometimes just personal preferences. 

 Typical approaches to developing a parenting plan include: simply discussing matters between parents themselves; meeting with a counselor; mediation; lawyer assisted negotiation; collaborative law; arbitration; and court.

 The closed custody/access single session impartial consultation (ccassic) is a more innovative and timely process and draws on aspects of mediation, assessment and counselling. The service is intended to be conducted in a single day.

 This process offers parents an opportunity to have their respective needs, wants and issues heard as well as those of their children by a professional with expertise in helping parents construct parenting plans. The professional can also advise on the needs of the children with regard to their changing family.

 The goal is to facilitate family restructuring in a way best suited to the children by developing a reasonable parenting plan.


1.      Receive existing Orders, agreements, pleadings, the referral document and retainer;

2.      Conduct telephone screening with the clients to prepare for face-to-face meeting;

3.      Morning meeting with both parents;

4.      Early afternoon meeting with children as appropriate;

5.      Later afternoon meeting with parents and lawyers for feedback, guidance and planning.

6.      Draw up agreements achieved.

 Like in closed mediation, information obtained in the course of this consultation will remain confidential and cannot be used in any other settlement process or Court process. Information will be shared only upon written consent except where there is risk of harm to self or another person, or as required by law as it pertains to child protection matters. There is no recoding or posting of content or comments in any form or media by clients or their proxy although Gary Direnfeld may record any/all conversations at his discretion solely for accountability purposes in the event an issue with service arises. The service record is the property of Gary Direnfeld. Information obtained about persons served shall be used for service purposes, payment collection and/or, satisfaction surveys. Non-identifying information may be used for statistical, research or teaching purposes.

Neither Gary Direnfeld nor his notes can be called or subpoenaed for court purposes. This is a closed process.


1.      $2,500.00 plus HST if within 30 minutes commute or 40 KM.

$2,700.00 plus HST if within 30 to 90 minutes commute or up to 100km.

Please call to discuss costs if extended commute.

2.      $200.00/hr plus HST for any time thereafter.

The fee includes: Referral discussion with lawyers; receiving/reviewing available materials; brief telephone screening of clients; scheduling; one standard business day meeting regardless of time used; drafting any agreement achieved.


Third Party Payments (EAP and other Benefit Providers):

Pleased be advised that I do not accept payment by third party payers (benefit or EAP providers) whatsoever. People are directly responsible for payment of services as per the information above at the time of service. A receipt will be provided with which persons can seek reimbursement from their EAP or benefit provider. I take no responsibility for your reimbursement. Reimbursement remains a matter between you and your benefit or EAP provider. 

If you do seek reimbursement through your benefit or EAP provider and I am called to verify the charge, I will do so with your implied consent. My disclosure will be limited to advising of my credentials as well as verifying the billing information, service provided and persons served. Please note, assessment is a clinical-legal service and may not be covered.  No information regarding the nature or content of information discussed will be provided without signed consent, for which you will be charged as per the time required.


To refer:

1.      Lawyer and client read and complete this document together.

2.      Parties and lawyers make arrangements for payment of retainer.

3.      Lawyers submit retainer and materials (pleadings) to the service provider.

4.      Service provider thereafter will contact the parties to commence service.

5.     In the event of questions arising, the lawyer(s) should call for clarification.


  1. Service is provided on a private and discreet basis.
  2. Service is provided in the safety and comfort of my home-office.
  3. Daytime appointments are available Monday through Friday (except Friday afternoon). Evening appointments are available Monday through Thursday. I typically set my appointment times for 9:30 am, 1:30 pm and 7:00 pm. I do not offer weekend appointments. Summer hours may be restricted - please ask.
  4. Persons may self-refer. Please call.
  5. Persons are expected to attend sober for appointments.
  6. There is no recoding or posting of content or comments in any form or media by clients or their proxy although Gary Direnfeld may record at his discretion for accountability purposes.
  7. Violence of any fashion will not be condoned.


All matters remain confidential with the following exceptions:

  1. Any past or imminent harm or abuse to a child currently younger than 16 years of age will be reported to proper authorities.
  2. Any imminent threat of harm to self or to another adult will be reported either to proper authorities and/or to other persons who may be required to intervene as necessary.
  3. Up to an hour can be scheduled between appointments to avoid meeting anyone while entering or exiting.
  4. Information about yourself can be used to pursue payment in the event of non-payment, cancelled or bad cheques or misrepresentation of income.

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